Mining & Quarrying

ARL supply rubber linings for the most aggressive mining and quarrying applications. Existing items of plant can be refurbished and relined; including sand washing plant as pictured here. Benefits of rubber lining for this industry include high resistance to abrasion and corrosion, noise reduction, increased plant life and reduced down time


The Water and Effluent treatment industries are large users of rubber linings for treatment vessels, storage tanks, pipes, pumps, valves, filters and flow meters. WRAS approved rubber linings are available for potable water applications


Rubber Linings are highly resistant to most chemicals and acids, and have been used for many decades to protect all types of process plant and equipment from corrosion and chemical attack. Rubber lined mild steel plant is often a better and more cost effective solution than more exotic and expensive materials.

Applied Rubber Linings are The Quality Rubber Lining Company in the UK, operating from premises in Gloucester, South West England, supplying rubber linings and coatings for mineral extraction and processing, water and effluent treatment, metal finishing, materials handling and many other industrial applications. Our envied reputation within the plant lining industry is based on decades of quality, reliability, innovation, affordability and professional integrity.

Founded in 1972 by Stanley Travell and incorporated as a limited company in 1993, ARL is now owned and managed by Keith Travell and Robert Travell as joint directors and shareholders of the company. The two directors have between them more than 70 years combined experience of supplying protective linings and coatings for all types of process plant and equipment serving many different customers and industries in the UK and overseas.

We also serve the following industries:

Waste Treatment, Reclamation and Recycling
Power Generation
Metal Finishing (including electroplating, anodising, pickling, vibratory finishing, and shot blasting)
Materials Handling
Oil and Gas
Food and Beverages.
Manufacturing and Processing
Civil Engineering
Marine Industry

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